Religion in and around the Empire

The Ghnostic Church of Sol Invictus - Monotheistic- Elagabalan 

The official religion of the empire, the Gnostic Church of Sol Invictus is a cult worshipping the Elven Sun God and principal deity Elagabalus, known in Trurian as "Sol Invictus", the "Unconquered Sun". Like the elves, the humans worship Elagabalus as the one true god, with all other beings that other cultures worship at best as benign spirits, but more often, as false pretender gods or malicious demonic entities. The principle difference between the Gnostic Church and the Elven Orthodoxy is that the Gnostic church generally considers it taboo to use the elven name of Elagabalus, preferring to only refer to refer to the divinity indirectly, and that in addition to the Chronicles of Elagabalus & the Teachings, the official canon of the Gnostic Church includes the Hagiographa- a collection of poems & stories composed not just by Elves and Half Elves, but by human prophets and scholars as well.


The Gnostic Church holds three core values, Charity, Duty, and Tradition.

Elven Orthodoxy – the Cult of Elagabalus Monotheistic Elf/Human

The true name of Sol Invictus, the Elves of Achea worship the One True God, Elagabalus, The Elven Dawn. The followers of Orthodoxy believe that Elves are the chosen of Elagabalus, and that humans that worship him are rewarded only in the satisfaction of following the true faith. The Elven Orthodoxy is headed by a Patriarch, who is seen of as the spiritual leader of the Achean Elves.


The Elven Heresy- Monotheistic- Elagabalan 

There are a group of elves that view Elagabalus as the first elf, the progenitor of all the elves living today. They hold this belief based on what they see as the proper translation of the ancient Achean “Dawn of All Elves” that the Orthodox translate as “Elven Dawn”. Followers of the Elven Heresy hold that Elagabalus himself held no divinity, and tend to view humans that worship Elagabalus with disdain or disgust.


The Orcish Heresy – Polytheistic - Elagabalan 

The Orcish Heresy, in the distant realm of the Barbors, a clan descended from a tribe of nomadic Half-Orcs of the Endless Steppe believe that Elagabalus, the God of the Sun is the child of Tengri, the Father of the Sky. It is said that some myths hold that the other Children of Tengri were captured or enslaved by giants or dragons or some other beast depending on the myth, and that Elagabalus was the only one to escape, leaving him the Unconquered Son. The followers of the Orcish Heresy, known locally as Reformed Tengriism, don't see themselves as following a heretical offshoot of Gnosticism or Orthodoxy, but rather, they feel those faiths are the half-understood lesser versions of True Tengriism. 


Wood Elf Paganism- Shamanistic- Pagan


The Wood Elves are common to the empire and the regions around it, enough so that the average Imperial has probably encountered them. The Wood Elves of the Primeval Woods and Ellan Vannin practice the Old Ways of the Elves, a combination of folk beliefs and spirit worship that some believe is related to the old Elven Peganism from before the Orthodoxy.


Tengriism- Polytheistic/Shamanistic- Pagan

Tengrism is the most common religion of the humans, half-orcs, and orcs among the Endless Steppe, the principal deity in that collection of faiths being the Heavenly Father, Tengri.

Religion in and around the Empire

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