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Imperial Realms

The Seven Electors

  1. Alscatia- The ruler of Alscatia is officially the Prince-Bishop of Alscatia, President of the Electoral College, and First of the Ecclesiastical Electors. The Prince-Bishop of Alscatia, as Vicechancellor of the Empire, is the only one authorized to call the Imperial Diet to assemble. 
  2. Swabia- The Duchy of Swabia is the largest state in 
  3. Styria- Ancestral homeland of the ruling dynasty of the empire, an Archduchy.
  4. Bohemia- An elective monarchy that was once a proud and indepdent state in its own right exercising foreign influence with its electoral vote, the Kingdom of Bohemia is now a puppet realm of the imperial dynasty, with Emperors having their preferred heir elected as King of Bohemia to enhance their prestige and prepare them for the imperial title. Control of the electoral votes of both Bohemia and Styria is central to the imperial dynasties internal dipolomacy and machinations.
  5. Lauenberg- 
  6. Hesse-
  7. Regensburg-

Breizh- A small Wood Elf Principality, and non-elective member of the Teutonic Empire, one of the largest manority non-human states in the empire.

Friesland- An independent republic, culturally related to [vassals of danesland]

The Free Cities

There are a collection of free cities spread throughout the empire, cities that owe their loyalty only to the emperor, and not a feudal vassal of some kind. Some of them are majority non-human, a handful of Gnome, Halfling, and even Half-Elf cities among them

Nearby Kingdoms & Regions

The Primeval Wood- A huge, continent-sized forest that spans the lands west of Lothria and The Empire, with a few Lesser Woods that almost spill out of it like rivers and seas of trees.  The main wood is broken up into the Near and Deep Forest, and a mix of humans, elves, gnomes, and fey creatures populate it, though the tales of the contents of the Deep Forest are probably too fanciful to take credibly.

The Frozen North- A continent north of the empire on the other side of Danesland, the southern edges of which house roving bands of Humans, Goliaths, and Hill Dwarves, as well as a few grander and wealthier Dwarven kingdoms and cities along a stretch of mountains running down a penninsula that spills into the Inland Sea, trading with the lands of the Empire and the Commonwealth all the treasures and resources of the north. The Frozen North is also where the largest communities of giants live, with most of the Continental giants confined to isolated communities in less-populated mountains near the Endless Steppe or deep in the Primeval Wood.

The Endless Steppe- Like a vast ocean of deserts, grasslands, and open plains, the Endless Steppe is populated by a mix of races and cultures- some isolated towns and cities, and the vast hordes of pastoral nomads that sometimes constitute their trading partners and at other times their scourge. The steppe is mainly populated by Humans, Orcs, Goblins of all sorts, Gnolls, and plenty of races that most of the Empire has never heard of except in fantastical adventure stories. 

The Underdark- A barely understood underground world that the average human citizen of the Empire only knows about at the insistence of Dwarves and Gnomes. The Underdark is said to have entrances in caves throughout the world, though if any are within the borders of the Empire, they're hidden from most of its people. It's said a xenophobic and fanatical breed of dark elves lives there, as well as strange underground counterparts to both the dwarves and gnomes, and even stranger creatures that defy comprehension, like great floating eyeballs, or insects bigger than a horse.

Danesland- A wealthy kingdom with control over the North Straits, a passage that connects the Northwestern Sea to the Inland Sea, allows them to exact a toll on every foreign ship that passes, financing an active and energetic government. Their ruling family constitutes an offshoot of the ruling Imperial Dynasty, and their great wealth often sees them financing the policy of their imperial cousins. 

[Loyal Danesland Vassals]

[Disloyal Danesland Vassals]

Lothria- Powerful kingdom bordering the two realms of the Teutonic Empire to the north and Truria to the south, with some minor kingdoms to the east, and the primeval woods to the west.

Dardacia- Mountainous kingdom, mostly ethnically Thraixian.

Thraix- Modern remnants of an empire that once spanned all the lands touching a large inland sea in the south, now little more than a single province surrounding a single city (though, to be fair, it’s the largest city in the world as far as its inhabitants know)

Achea- Common name of the Achean League, a collection of citystates allied together for the purpose of commercial domination of the Trurian and Thraixian seas. 

Truria- Despotic, autocratic, paternalistic. Truria is a small nation state of mostly humans and half elves with a minority of elves in Minor Truria, a chain of islands that extends to the Achean Islands, together enclosing the Trurian Sea in an arc. Truria is ruled by the Bishop of Truria, and the capital city is the Gnostic See, the ecclesiastical lands controlled by the Bishop of Truria directly.

Ellan Vannin- An fairly large archipelago off the coast of Breizh with significant wood elf populations and made up of a group of independent tribes. Due to its access to the Northwestern Sea while still situated far from any major powers, many of the islands of Ellan Vannin are home to outlaws, scoundrels, pirates, and adventurers from the mainland.

The Commonwealth- A large feudal buffer state between the Teutonic Empire and the Endless Steppe. The commonwealth is powerful, and has its own State Orthodoxy, not loyal to the Bishop of Truria. 

Distant Realms

The Bhabors-  The name of a ruling dynasty and not any particular country, the Bhabors control much of the former southern and eastern reaches of the Thraxian Empire, and a good bit of the old great kingdoms to the east of that. Their territories, and the people within them, are diverse, with many different peoples, faiths, and languages all mixing. The ruling elites, and a plurality of the common folk practice what the followers of the Gnostics and Orthodox call the "Orcish Heresy", actually a mixing of Elven Orthodoxy and Steppe Tengriism. 

Cathay- A distant realm far far far to the east, on the other side of the Endless Steppe, or perhaps several realms? Few people have first hand knowledge of such a distant place, and all sorts of tales abound. A great court, the rival of any king or emperor, grand temples housing warrior-monks, man-sized dragons that walk on two legs…

<meta />Bharatavarsha- A realm beyond the Bhabors, that traces it's ruling dynasty's lineage all the way back to their conquest by the great Elven warlord Diomed, and the fracture of his empire upon his death as his generals each carved out their piece for themselves. 


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